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After checking out of La Pirogue I went to stay just down the road at Sugar Beach 5* Hotel. Both hotels are actually part of the same company and one of the great things about that was I could continue to use the facilities available at both hotels.


The hotel is designed in a contemporary plantation style. With its wide spread tropical gardens and beach front, plenty of activities for those looking for a bit of adventure and for those who want to relax in the sun.

Manor House lounge (Manor House Lounge)

Sadly for me I had a Corporate Finance Exam waiting for me in less than a week. So while the rest of my family enjoyed, I spent most my time attempting to revise in such a beautiful place. Of course I was distracted, how could I not be. Outside my window there were pelicans, flamingoes and black swans. Less than 2 minutes walk from my room was a breath taking swimming pool, beyond that was the ocean. The Manor House was a quiet place where I spent my head buried in a text book while learning about Modigliani- Miller and the CAPM. But of course I’d take a break and get my camera out to shoot a bit. I absolutely loved the colonial furniture in this room and throughout the hotel.

i stepped on a cat here
pool cafe

So one of my favourite things about La Pirogue and Sugar Beach is these carts which drive guests from one side of the resort to the other. They’re great when you first arrive, it takes you to your room and carries your luggage. When you’re wearing heels and don’t think you can walk from a late night out they’re also happy to drive you around the resort. Whether you’re at reception or in your room, you can just order a cart to come get you.


Like I said before, the resort is on the beach. So this post is mainly the photos I snapped when I wasn’t studying. My instagram has more photos of all the delicious food I ate.

palm tree hdr

boat people

I don’t have the greatest room photo to show on here. In fact I changed room to an upstairs one with a balcony. This was from my first night. But I guess it gives you a vague idea of how the rooms were, my second room was much nicer.


So the new year is approaching and I still have a lot of unfinished or unpublished posts on here. Don’t get me started on my Japan trip, they’re just sitting in my drafts. I guess I wanted to finish writing everything on Mauritius before I jump to a different country. So watch this space, hopefully I can get a few more posts on here before the year ends.


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