The Island of Mauritius is not a foreign land to me. In fact my parents are Mauritian and I spent a few years of my childhood growing up here. This trip was the first time I experienced Mauritius as a tourist rather than being part of the locals. Most of my trip was spent at La Pirogue Hotel, located in Flic en Flac on the west side of the island.

hutsThis was the first time I stayed in a Mauritian Hotel, I can tell you now it was very different from my grandmother’s house in Quatres Bornes. La Pirogue was set out as a small fishing village, I stayed in a small bungalow made of volcanic rock and a thatched roof. TRIP TIP:  Make sure you pack plenty of sun protection and beware of mosquitos. They don’t carry any harmful diseases but they will leave you with itchy bug bites. The best repellent is lemon grass.

pool(pool view from the beach)

la pirogie vieew

boat houseLa Pirogue hotel is located on the beach. Where there is water there is plenty of water sport opportunities. Go down to the hotel’s ‘Boat house’ to take part in activities such as snorkelling, windsurfing, peddle boating, kayaking and more. Most activities are free of charge, chargeable activities include swimming with dolphins at black river, the Catamaran cruise, deep sea fishing and parasailing. Other free activities on land include mini golf, tennis, use of the fitness centre, table tennis, volleyball and more. There is also a spa on site (sadly I did not use.)

boogie boardingI never did manage to get the hang of balancing on the board, good thing there are no photos of me. For those who aren’t as familiar with water sports I suggest the peddle boats. They’re great for going further out without worrying about falling into the water. You also remain dry so you can bring your camera out to sea. The GoPro becomes very handy in such situations when water is involved. If you’re a photographer and you don’t own one yet, it really is a handy thing to have on holiday and when doing sports. The only drawback would be the battery life (mine died before doing kayaking in the ocean and when I went parasailing ): ).

windsurfingI tried nearly every free activity on offer making full use of the facilities at La Pirogue. Including sneaking into the Teen Club despite being over age. The hotel has everything to make the perfect family holiday in paradise. I personally would give this hotel a high rating, all the staff are very friendly and their breakfast was delicious. I’m writing this blog post just about the hotel because it really was a large part of my trip and I really enjoyed it.  TRIP TIP: The hotel offers free wifi in the bar area. There is also a payable option for wifi in your own bungalow and around the hotel. Depending on how many people you can get a one off family wifi purchase for the entire stay. I just made do with the free wifi, I only really needed it to keep my instagram alive (@krishchaos).

boatside harbourAnother free activity which is great for the whole family is the glass bottom boat ride. All you need to do is go down to the boat house and book your slot. There is no limit to how many times you do this activity as long as you book in advance. Each booking is a maximum of 6 people.

glass boat swiss familyThere is no guarantee you will see anything extraordinary but a free boat ride is a free boat ride. It really depends on the weather conditions and the sea. The further out to sea the more likely you are to see different fish and coral. Sadly the day I went the waves were too strong so we didn’t go too far out. I did manage to see some fish, however  after plunging the gopro under the boat I realised there were huge schools of fish the boat was chasing away.


sunset harbourLa Pirogue is probably one of the best places to watch the sunset. The sky changes from light blue to yellow & orange to pink, entering a purple before going to dark blue.

colurful sunset sea

darker sunset

star la pirogueLiving in London it’s very hard to see the stars at night with all the light pollution. From my childhood I remember seeing the sky lit up in Mauritius.  Unfortunately for me it was very hard to get a clear sky with the stars while staying at La Pirogue. I wanted to do some star trails which will have to wait till another time. The photograph above is a 30sec exposure ISO 3200. Even then not many stars were captured, the hotel was giving off a lot of light…it’s probably best to go to the mountains to do this.

I stayed at La Pirogue for 4 nights, my overall stay was only 10 days. The reason I came to Mauritius was for my cousins wedding. So most of my time was spent at this lovely hotel and wedding venues (Asian Wedding).  I didn’t get to venture around the island as much as  I would like, but I did manage to get some interesting shots. So stay tune for the next blog post! (:


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