Hi guys! Just liked to say thank you to everyone who has viewed my photography on flickr, facebook, twitter, instagram and obviously on here.

First and foremost welcome to the new site which is constantly being updated. I’ve been hoarding this domain name for some time and thought I should really make use of it. So things generally keep disappearing, being added and swapped around, do be on the lookout for new stuff. Follow me on twitter @krishchaos for live updates, check out the galleries for some photographs never uploaded elsewhere.

The site has a new feature, portfolio and blog in one place!
Hopefully this summer is full of new exciting photo opportunities, as everyday in life is. So subscribe and read all about the new projects and adventures.

There’s more new exciting stuff! I’m going to start publishing my personal travel journals accompanied with photographs. As every true explorer does, I’ve kept a journal which I carry across the world with me to different locations documenting the things I see and experience.

So we have some new and old stuff. Keep an eye on this page!



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